Fix Google Chrome Not Working | Resolve Google Chrome Issue On Android

Fix Google Chrome Not Working | Resolve Google Chrome Issue On Android

Here is complete information about how to resolve the issue if your Google Chrome not working. follow the steps given below and resolve your issue easily And fix Google chrome not working issue.

How to fix Chrome not working on Android

Think of a situation where you are arguing verbally with your partner and you want to share information to prove you are right. When you open your chrome browser, it displays the message “Chrome has stopped, however”. You thought this might solve these problems, but you see the same message again. This makes you angry and irritates you. You have us as we are in the same way. This is why Carlcare created this guide on how to fix chrome not working on Android

One of the most common causes of chrome failure

Common reasons why chrome doesn’t work on Android can be your reluctance to update, constantly running background applications, using a third-party application, and a faulty system. After fixing this issue, let’s look at some of the consequences of chrome stops working on android.

Unlocking your Android device again

To perform this edit, all you need to do is press down the power button. you will see two options When you do, one will ask you to restart and the other will ask you to hang up your phone. Tap on re-election and wait. Keep your app free of glitches and give it time to start over.

Once re-opened, now is the time to go to the chrome browser and see if this quick fix works properly. If the Android chrome snow is still there, we move on to the new version. If so, your problem is solved here.

Replacing background requests

Chrome may crash if your applications continue to run later. We know you want to multitask with your phone so you open many applications at the same time. Now the question is why open programs when you’re done with your right?

You do not need to continue running your application later if you have not used it. So close all the programs you are running in the background from the time it eats up the chrome browser function. When finished, check if the browser is properly open. If not, we continue to work again.

Remove and reinstall chrome

The process of this process is a very simple tutorial. Follow these steps below to fix chrome from running

  • First, you need to head to the settings of your phone. In the settings menu, you will find a visible selection of programs.
  • Clicking on the program option you will see another option called download. When the option shown on the download is selected, you will receive a shortcut that will show you a checkmark.
  • Now the icon will ask you “if you really want to install the chrome browser”. Here you will find two options called ok or off. Tap on ok Make sure your chrome software is uninstalled.
  • It’s time to reload. So you need to go to Google store and search for Google chrome. When downloading and reinstalling, your problem should be fixed. If not, let’s move on to the next edit.

Remove security mode

This is an action you should take if you find that a third party is preventing your chrome software from opening or that the application has problems. For this fix to work properly, you need to first shut down your phone. Follow the steps outlined below for this quick fix

  • First, long-press the power button, and the business logo will appear.
  • When the business logo appears, release your hand from the power button and quickly press the volume down button.
  • When your phone is in secure mode, check that the browser is running properly, otherwise, we will move on.
  • Uninstalling three unsafe programs

Many times people use third-party applications because Google does not store those applications or pay a certain amount to buy that application. When you download non -compliant software from the Google Store, you endanger your phone

This is a three-page request that you submit via a link that has not been extended to your phone. So your chrome browser may crash every time you try to unlock it. Therefore, you should avoid third-party software and see if the browser works normally.

Clean up data and storage

As mentioned, a browser that has more caches can cause performance problems. To perform this edit, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

  • First, you need to head to the settings and you will see a visible selection of programs
  • Tap on apps and get the Google Chrome app.
  • When you click on Google Chrome you will see two options. One is seen as plain data and the other is seen as a cache. First, click on clear data and then click on the cache.
  • After doing this, restart your phone to see if chrome works normally.

Please update

Many people are facing chrome not working on the android phone end due to lack of maintenance. Many times your Android displays a notification message. Instead of clicking on an option that is currently considered an update, you can delay setting it up later. Always say no to updates and never say no. Just go to settings and check for system updates if you know the latest system information you can click on the best

Hopefully, the idea we shared will help you fix the chrome problem on Android forever. If you find this method useful, please contact us for further technical updates on your phone.

Find out more

After trying the above results, if chrome stops working on your Android phone, you need to take the phone to the official service center for the phone name. For example, if you use Infinix, TECNO, or itel, Carlcare’s service is the best place to solve problems with the right equipment for your phone as we are the official service center for these phone brands.