Get HP Printer Troubleshooting

Get HP Printer Troubleshooting

As we all know, HP printers are widely used in our day-to-day lives. From the office to home and school to college, Hewlett Packard or HP printers are well known for their quality, reliability, and reproducibility still we face some problems during operating.

We have faced the following common types of problems during printing.

  • Paper Jams
  • Faded print
  • Can’t find a driver

Print is from the different paper tray. It is very important to how to fix the above-listed printing issues. Every times these problems come when we are in hurry of printing in office or anywhere. 

Paper jams:

In all these issues paper jam is a common problem with any type of printer. A printer will jam for a number of reasons, it may be folded page insertion, or old page insert, the wrong type of paper used, or roller in the printer are worn out after long use, and dirty. As per my experience of HP Printer Troubleshooting, paper jams caused by dirty can be solved by cleaning, paper jam caused by folded page can be resolved by ensuring the exact size of paper without corner fold, paper jam caused by worn roller can be solved by replacing new roller of the same model printer.

Print is from different paper tray:

If your print is not coming from the expected tray please check your default print setting and change it from the selected tray to your desired tray.

Faded Print:

Sometimes after getting print we see that print quality is dull and print is faded or not visible. This type of problem is occurred due to lack of toner or the print density setting is low and Economides in turned on. For the first problem, we can directly change the cartridge and the rest of the two problems.

Can’t find printer:

If your printer gives this massage or can’t find the printer, please check your driver by following your printer manual and find a suitable driver for your printer. For example, a printer will print with an HP Laserjet II driver.