How Does Satellite Internet Work

How Does Satellite Internet Work

Have you ever heard the term satellite internet? Have you ever questioned how satellite internet works? Today we will discuss these questions in detail. So let’s jump in.

Satellite internet is a type of wireless connection that utilizes a satellite revolving around the earth to get an internet beacon from your internet connection. It’s pretty much different from our normal earthy internet services like DSL or fiber-based internet which sends data over cables. Satellite internet basically presents a method of bridging to the internet for those who exist beyond the scope of conventional lined broadband connections. As it’s unique sole internet aid that’s open geographically.

Advantages of Satellite Internet 

There are many advantages of satellite internet but a few important of them are as follows: 

  • Simple 
  • Reliable 
  • Fast

What You Can Do With Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet works similar to your normal land-based internet as an individual can window-shop, download and upload content online. This type of internet is mostly used by people living in rural areas or living in remote areas. This type of technology is continuously evolving as more and more people are using this type of connection because it’s now offering much faster speeds than your traditional internet connection. 

How Satellite Internet Works?

But how satellite internet works is the main question that comes to everyone’s mind because of the word satellite here. Here’s how satellite internet works. 

  • Satellite internet can send or obtain data using radio waves from a comparatively small satellite dish that’s set on our planet. 
  • Your internet provider sends a fiber-based internet beacon to a satellite that’s present in space.
  •  After that, the internet beacon gets back to you and is caught by your satellite dish.
  • The satellite dish is connected to the modem. And the modem is connected to your computer to the internet beacon.
  • The whole program turns back to your internet provider and that’s how satellite internet works.
  • So we all know now that a satellite internet does not use land-based wire arrangements and instead they use a satellite dish which consists of 2-way interaction. Download and upload mainly. The upload rate is about 1/10th of the 500kbps download rate.
  • DSL and wired internet have more powerful download rates but satellite systems are ten times faster than a normal internet.

Companies That Offer 2-Way Internet 

Many companies offer a 2-way internet facility and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Tachyon (Serving in US, Western Europe, and Mexico)
  • StarBand
  • Teleside 
  • Pegasus Express

Geo-Stationary Satellite

Geo-Stationary is a satellite that emerges to be positioned at a settled position in space when observed from the earth’s surface. Satellites that are available in that region move in sequence with the rotation of the universe. This satellite is positioned at 22,237 miles above the earth.

Longitude of a Satellite

Geo-Stationary satellites do have a longitude point with the names like AMC-4 or Galaxy 18 where longitude relates to those theoretical lines that move down the land for global mapping. Earth longitude readings are 360 degrees. And if you know the longitude of a satellite then you can easily derive the position of a satellite located in the sky