How to Block An Email Address On Yahoo

How to Block An Email Address On Yahoo

If you have found any email address harmful from the list and want to immediately block so don’t go anywhere because here you can block any email address from your Yahoo account. Just follow the below-given steps.

Steps to block any email address on Yahoo account:

Firstly, open any desired web browser and type ‘’ in the search bar.

Then, enter your associated username, email, or mobile number & password.

Tap on the ‘Next’ button and you will be reached at your yahoo mail account.

After then, tap on the ‘Settings’ option. (Situated at the upper right-hand corner)

Next, choose the ‘More options’ from the list.

Now, you have to select the ‘Privacy & Security’ option.

Select the ‘Block Address’ option under the privacy and security window.

This time to press the ‘+’ button.

Enter the ‘Email address’ which you want to block.

Finally, press the ‘Save’ button and go back to the inbox.

Moreover, the conversation will easily block from that email address.

How To Block An Email Address On Yahoo App?

If you are using the Yahoo application on android or iPhone and want to block any email address so it can possible by given steps.

First of all, just tap on the ‘Yahoo Application’ icon.

If you didn’t log in Yahoo account so just sign in Yahoo account via credentials.

Select any message from the list. (Ensure that you have selected message which you want to block from your Yahoo mail account)

Tap on the ‘More’ option.

Then, press the ‘Block’.

You may also checkbox on ‘Send all the future emails to spam’ and ‘Delete all the incoming emails’ option.

Then, hit on the ‘Ok’ button.