Largest Counties in Kenya by population

Largest Counties in Kenya by population

Largest counties in Kenya in population size Apart from the geographical magnitude measures, counties can also be ranked from the largest county in Kenya to the smallest one in terms of their population size. Below is the order of ranking as per the result of the census 2019 that was carried out in August 2019.

1. Nairobi: In terms of population size, Nairobi, the capital city, is the biggest county in Kenya. Nairobi has a total of 4, 397,073 occupants. Although it’s not the largest county in Kenya in terms of surface area, it is the largest in terms of population extent.

2. Kiambu: Bordering Nairobi on one side is Kiambu, which ranks as the second-largest populated region. Kiambu boasts a whopping 2,417, 735 persons.

3. Nakuru: Nakuru occupies the 3rd place in terms of the largest counties population-wise. It has a population of 2, 162, 202 people. READ ALSO Largest country in Africa by size and population

4. Kakamega: At the 4th place is Kakamega from the western part of the country with 1, 867, 579 individuals.

5. Bungoma – 1,670, 570 people

6. Meru – 1,545,714 individuals

7. Kilifi – 1,453, 787 persons

7. Machakos – 1, 421,932 people

8. Kisii – 1,266,860 individuals

9.Mombasa – 1,208,333 people

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