Should students be Promoting without examination?

Should students be Promoting without examination?

Examinations, tests, assignments are words that are not pleasant for most of the student life. The best way to define an assignment is that it is an official test of a student’s knowledge, skill and intelligence. 

Examinations can be of different types – practical, written or viva examinations. With the popularity of Online School Software schools also have the option of conducting online exams for the students in form of MCA’s are otherwise.

We would like to list a few advantages of examinations for the students and the school alike. 

-Examinations help students to improve their grasp of a subject or a concept. Exams serve as a reasoning process where the students can see how much real learning has happened in the session

 -Examinations serve as the stepping stone to scholarships and higher studies. Scholarship and other competitive exams are a requirement for higher studies. Test and exams at schools prepare us with the same. Various mobile Apps are in business helping students with enterance exams.

-Examinations build the confidence of the students in regard to the subject to study.

-Examinations also build a sense of competition for the students. 

-Examinations allow the teachers to assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods. Teachers get to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods and aids. Now, school software are designed to map these out.

-Examinations give the school a peek into the hobbies, interests and aptitude of the students. Marks scored helps the school to get a glimpse into students interests and strong points in various subjects of studies.The unfavourable aspects of our examinations

-Stress and anxiety are bad for students mental and general health. Exams amplify these in students due to peer and parental pressure. Students use smart arm band to monitor their health and physical activity.

-There is a long-standing debate on the effectiveness of a test to judge a students performance.

-Our current examination systems to evaluate students are very traditional with is based on the Rote system. This system needs a revamp to encourage concept-based understanding.

In the current scenario, in house pen and paper examination mode for boards increases the chances to transmit the virus at a very rapid rate. Conducting exams involves the handling of question and answer papers by several officials and students which is also extremely dangerous. 

Students have to commute to various location for taking the examinations which aggravate the possibility of catching the infection.

Students are unable to identify the real purpose of examinations. For them passing their examinations is a formality for entering into good schools. 

In the current scenario promoting the students is a good way forward to save the session washout and to ease the anxiety on the students. However, the education board needs to find a way to modify the syllabus to match the current pace of studies.