Top 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software in 2021

Top 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software in 2021


CRM (Customer relationship management) software is crucial for every organization to enhance their relationships; with their clients. So in this roundup, we tested some of the most popular best CRM software systems on the market today. 

Every business might have a different requirement depending on their business process. As a reason, you need to choose the best CRM software that understands the business objectives and helps to achieve them. There are multiple CRM system vendors in the market, which is why it might be difficult to choose; the best one.   

We are a software recommendation platform and made a list of the top ten CRM software in 2021, depending on their features. The following list of software is in alphabetical order: 


1. Creatio CRM

It is an end-to-end platform that provides tools for all the departments and helps enrich the customer experience. One of the superpowers of this solution is that it has a BPM engine to change processes quickly.


  • Customer 360-degree view.  
  • Customer segmentation.  
  • Manage omnichannel marketing campaigns.   
  • Lead qualification.  

2. Digital CRM

This software solution allows; you to have an unlimited number of users and records with admin role management. Moreover, you can install this software on your webserver, localhost, or on-premises.


  • Salesforce automation.  
  • CRM dashboard.  
  • Contact management.  
  • Lead management.  

3. Freshsales CRM

This software solution integrates artificial intelligence to score lead, phone, email, and activity capture. Additionally, it acts as a central server for your team to access 360 degrees of your customer profile.


  • Workflow automation.  
  • Customer lifecycle.   
  • Sales analytics.   
  • Marketing analytics.  

4. HubSpot CRM

One of the top customer relationship management tools that make this solution robust and user-friendly. Furthermore, it ensures that your customers have a delightful experience and your team has a delightful time using it.


  • Social media tools.  
  • Email tracking software.  
  • Sales email automation.  
  • Sales email templates.  

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As a recommendation platform, we have made a list of the top ten CRM software for your business to choose the best one. Explore the features, pricing, and demo before selecting the best customer relationship management software.