Top Used Luxury Car Models to Buy

Top Used Luxury Car Models to Buy

Buying used is often one of the best ways to purchase a luxury car. But which models are the most affordable and reliable when bought used? Find out here.

Luxury cars provide superior performance and an exceptionally smooth ride—but they come with a high price tag. Plus, once you drive a new luxury car off the lot, it tends to depreciate incredibly quickly in that first year of ownership, which means you will only earn back a fraction of its original cost when you resell the vehicle. One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to buy used luxury cars instead of new ones. But many people worry about the reliability of used cars. Keep reading to learn which luxury cars are the most reliable and affordable when bought used.2018 Tesla Model S

The popularity of Teslas continues to rise as more and more people turn to electric cars. This all-electric model has a driving range of 259 miles on the base 75D trim and 335 miles on the 100D trim. But if you think an electric car is going to mean a slow ride, think again. The base model can go from zero to 60 in roughly 4 seconds. It has luxury-grade steering and handling that responds quickly and hugs the road on every curve.

Not only does this electric car handle like a sports car—it looks like one too. The sleek, sporty exterior is complemented by a luxury interior that comfortably seats five people and a top-grade infotainment system. If you can find a used model of this car, snap it up fast.2016 Tesla Model X

The Model S mentioned above can still run a pretty high price tag, even when bought used. So if you’re looking for a Tesla with a lower price, the 2016 Tesla Model X is a good option. This midsize luxury SUV is the fastest in its class, with the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 in under 6 seconds. The steering is highly responsive, as are the brakes, giving you absolute control on every turn. The driving range for this model is between 238 and 257 miles, depending on the trim you buy.

While this model looks more like a sedan than a sports car, it’s still elegant. The sleek interior has a minimalist look, with no physical buttons. Instead, everything is controlled by a 17-inch touch screen on the dashboard.2015 Lexus GS

This is an exceptional budget-friendly choice for a used luxury car. It has perfect safety, and reliability scores, comes with one of the best CPO warranties around, and has excellent fuel economy. The ride is smooth and handles well, and the interior is roomy and comfortable for all passengers. While the remote touch interface can be challenging to use when in motion, it gets the job done and meets the needs of most average drivers.