Updated FMovies proxy Sites and Their Alternatives List of 2021

Updated FMovies proxy Sites and Their Alternatives List of 2021

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FMovies proxy Sites and Their Alternatives

Fmovies was one of the popular online streaming websites that allowed its users to stream latest movies and tv shows online, the reason for its popularity was that it had the latest content and the loading speed and quality of the videos were pretty good.

If you are not able to access fmovies in your area then the reason behind it is that it might be blocked in your location.  F movies is not legal and faces copyright issues in most of the countries. It is blocked in many countries like USA , India, Denmark and Sweden. In this guide we have provided tips to help you out if you want to access fmovies in your device using fmovies proxy sites and its alternatives.   

As you already know that Fmovies is blocked in many countries, so if you are one of the people how want to know how to unblock fmovies  to stream and download its content , then you are in the right place. Below we have provided methods to unblock the fmovies website so follow them stepwise:- 


The first method to access fmovies is that you can use its proxy and mirror sites. It is the simplest method to access the content provided by the main website. Below we have provided a list of proxy and mirror websites you can use:-

1)   Fmovies.co

2)   Fmovies.sc

3)   Ffmovies.sc

4)   Fmovies. Top

5)   Fmovies. Bar

6)   Fmovies.cc

7)   Ffmovies.cc

8)   Movies’

9)   Fmovies.pub 


Using a VPN software can help you unblock a blocked website in your location and access it easily. What a VPN does is that it changes you IP location so that your ISP will be unable to know from which location you are trying to access the blocked website. So, all you have to do is change your location in the VPN to access Fmovies. 


The third way to access Fmovies is that you can use a TOR browser.  TOR browser is different from regular browsers such as google chrome, internet explorer .etc because it hides your real IP address and allows you to access blocked websites. All you have to do is download TOR browser using the link https://www.torproject.org/download/ . 


One of the reasons that you are unable to access fmovies can be that your local DNS server has blocked the website, so what you can do is switch your local DNS to a public DNS server. 

Best current FMovies alternatives

1)   IOmovies

2)   123Movies

3)   Put locker

4)   Solar movie

5)   Deep movie

6)   Rainer Land

7)    Cinebloom

This blog covered everything you needed so far , now you are good to go .